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Notre Dame has a long standing tradition of supporting student families. This tradition began after WWII with the formation of Vetville, the predecessor to The University Village. With the formation of Vetville came the formation of a community unlike any other. A community were its members came together in hard times and good times to love and support each other. This legacy of community lives on today in The University Village.

The University Village was founded in the 1960s by Father Theodore Hesburgh, former president of Notre Dame, as a replacement to Vetville (which was torn down to create space for the Hesburgh Library). Since its creation, it has been a safe place for student families to live while attending Notre Dame.Over the years, hundreds of families have benefited from the community and resources the Village provides.

Village neighbors sharing a meal in the 1970s

Today the Village is still a thriving community. Over 60 percent of families living in the Village are international, making it a virtual melting pot of different cultures. In spite of all the differences of its members though, the Village truly is a family. The Village community truly embodies the spirit of its ancestor Vetville; everyone supports and cares for on another. From an ideal location, to English classes, and community events, the Village also provides every necessary resource for student families to truly thrive during their time at Notre Dame.

Sadly though, it seems that the legacy of Vetville and the Village will not live on much longer. In the summer of 2018, Notre Dame plans to demolish the Village and turn it into a shopping complex.

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While the Village most certainly is old and does need to come down, Notre Dame is tearing it down with no concrete plans to provide adequate family student housing. This will be devstating to the families currently living in the Village, especially international students, and may prevent future families from attending the university. Please join with us, the families of the Village, in encouraging Notre Dame to make student families a priority and provide an affordable and safe community for us to raise our families in.

More Information

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Recent News

Our campaign to save our home has had some recent media coverage. These are great resources to find out more and to share with friends and family.

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