Future Housing Development and Subsidy for Current Village Residents

Dear University Village Residents,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Break, and are enjoying the New Year. As we begin the new semester, I write to share some updated information regarding transition support and resources for the closing of University Village Cripe Street on June 30, 2018.
Notre Dame Related Housing Efforts
As we have previously shared, there have been ongoing efforts to open Notre Dame Related Housing that would be conducive to the needs of married and parenting students. Notre Dame Related Properties, similar to the Overlook on Twyckenham Drive, are constructed and operated by a third party company on University owned land. While there have been multiple attempts to open a related property over the past four years, we have not been able to ensure rent in family-sized units for under $1,000. Knowing how important price is to student families, we have not previously moved forward.

I’m pleased to announce the University is in negotiations with a third party developer to construct and operate a new Notre Dame Related Property on the current Cripe Street property site. So long as the University can receive the developer’s assurance that rent for a 2-bedroom unit will initially not exceed $850, the new complex could open as early as August 2019. Care will be taken to construct units that are family-friendly, and a small playground may be included on the grounds.

We continue to plan for what is currently being called a Family Resource Center, which will open before the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year. We are pursuing possibilities to locate the new Family Resource Center and its associated programming in a location convenient for students and their families.

We are grateful for the feedback that has been shared by members of the University Village Cripe Street community regarding hopes and needs for a Notre Dame Related Property conducive for families.

Portable Housing Subsidy Available for 2018-19 Academic Year

Given the proposed opening of the new Notre Dame Related Property, the University wishes to provide financial support to assist students in bridging the rent currently paid at University Village to the anticipated rent at the new complex. As such, all current University Village residents will be eligible for a portable housing subsidy of $400 per month beginning in July 2018 or sooner if an off-campus lease is signed, and ending in August 2019 or when the student is no longer a student (whichever comes first). Regardless of whether current University Village residents choose to live in a new complex when it opens, the portable housing subsidy will end in August 2019. If you have signed or do sign an off-campus lease and wish to pursue a monthly portable housing subsidy prior to July 2018, please contact Regina.
The subsidy will be paid to the student via the University’s Fellowships & Scholarships Award process. Students can apply the portable subsidy toward off-campus living expenses in whatever way they wish, and are responsible for choices in where to live and how to use the portable housing subsidy funding. Students who choose to live in Fischer Graduate Residences are welcome to utilize the portable housing subsidy to assist in covering rent at Fischer Graduate Residences.

Students who accept the portable subsidy are subject to any potential financial aid and tax implications. Students who receive federal or private loans should contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaidgr@nd.edu or 574-631-6436 regarding potential implications to loan eligibility.

The University Tax Office shared this information to assist students in understanding potential tax consequences of accepting the portable subsidy, and students who have additional questions regarding the taxable nature of the portable subsidy payment should contact Rick Klee, University Tax Director, at rklee@nd.edu or 574-631-3288.

Transition Support Remains Available
The University’s new off-campus listing service continues to grow and remains available as a resource to you at offcampus.nd.edu. In addition, Regina continues to meet with families regarding their individual situations to assist in determining the best living arrangements for next year. She is also maintaining information regarding where residents are deciding to move to assist residents who wish to cluster near one another. If you haven’t already, please schedule a meeting with Regina by emailing her at rgesicki@nd.edu.

Fischer Graduate Residences Information

Students who are married or parenting are welcome to live in Fischer Graduate Residences beginning in May 2018. The Office of Housing will notify University Village residents once the Fischer application for 2018-19 is open, as well as when new rates are published in late January. If you have any questions about living in Fischer Graduate Residences or weren’t able to attend the Open House and wish to visit, please contact Regina or Vanessa Ritsema, who manages the Fischer property, at vritsema@bradleyco.com.

In summary, University Village and Cripe Street will close on June 30, 2018 and demolition of both facilities will take place in July 2018. We continue to pursue housing opportunities for students who are married and parenting. All current University Village and Cripe Street residents who continue as students after May 2018 are eligible for a monthly housing portable subsidy, which ends in August 2019. Resources to assist students in relocating for next year are available at offcampus.nd.edu and by contacting Regina, and ongoing resources and support will be available for students who are married and parenting through the new Family Resource Center, which will open summer 2018.

Should you have questions regarding this information or other transition related issues, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Regina or with me.

All my best,

Karen M. Kennedy
Director of Housing

Office of Housing
University of Notre Dame
202 Duncan Student Center
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

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