“The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.” -Pope Francis

Help us petition the University of Notre Dame to provide an adequate alternative for family student housing


The University of Notre Dame has had a long held tradition of supporting student families. Founded by Father Theodore Hesburgh, the University Village, loving called “The Village” by its residents, has been apart of that tradition for decades. Sadly, Notre Dame now plans to demolish our beloved Village and replace it with a shopping complex without any concrete plans for family housing. This will make attending Notre Dame nearly impossible for many families, especially international students. Please help us to start a positive discourse with Notre Dame and encourage the university to continue supporting families on campus. Join us in our appeal to the 71 year tradition of Notre Dame supporting student family life with affordable, communal focused, on-campus housing, in alignment with its Catholic values. Join us in our demand that a meaningful equivalent to this housing model be implemented before current housing is closed.


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